Ever Considered Setting Up A Podcast For Your Brand?

Podcasting is on the up, and I don’t think this is a flash in the pan trend. The apparently simplistic nature  of the medium from production to accessibility makes it one that seems to appeal to the masses. In this age of on-demand entertainment combined with smartphones, podcasts are accessible and entertaining. But don’t let perceived simplicities fool you, I believe we are passing the days of just anyone throwing  a second rate piece of audio together and gaining an audience. Audio needs to have professional production values of the highest qualities, or listeners will quickly move on to the next available podcast, especially given the vast amount of content available to listen to. Audiences are growing to expect the same quality of content to that if they tuned into the BBC in the UK or NPR in the States.

serial-social-logoWhen I ask people what podcast got them interested in the medium, I am finding an increasingly common answer – “Serial”. If you are reading this and you’ve never heard of or listened to Serial, I strongly suggest you grab your smartphone and get listening (as soon as you finish reading this, that is!). I guarantee you won’t only become hooked, you will need another fix as soon as you are finished – keep calm and see my last post for some recommended listening.

Now, you could spend all day targeting true crime junkies. However, the real beauty in podcasting is that you can find a podcast about almost anything – from sports to Dungeons & Dragons.

How-To-Start-A-Successful-PodcastWith the above in mind, I feel that it is about time more brands and professionals begin to step up and start creating their own podcasts. They are a fantastic educational tool, and can be even better for establishing your voice as one of an authority within a specific industry. For example, the host of Sword & Scale, Mike Boudet, combined his audio engineering background with his love for unsolved mysteries and has now firmly established himself as a voice in true crime circles, through his podcast.

So if you work in an industry or have a hobby you are passionate about, give a podcast some consideration. Search for your subject in iTunes and you may even find a lack of content, meaning you have a ready carved niche to establish yourself within!

Good luck, and I hope to hear some of your content in the future!

Down To Business

If you are thinking of setting up a podcast, from production to hosting it can be a daunting task! But worry not, use the contact form on the side of the page to get in touch and I can give you a quote for anything from recording and editing to marketing and hosting!


A Handful Of Podcasts I Recommend

Since the podcast ‘Serial’ hit our ears last Autumn, the medium has surged in popularity with audiences searching for their next podcast fix. I’ve been listening to podcasts for many years before the arrival of Serial and I don’t tell you this to brag (believe me, I’m really not bragging!) but to let you know there are many other amazing, ready made podcasts available for new listeners to discover and get their fix!

So with this in mind, to celebrate the launch of my shiny new website, I wanted to give you a handful of podcasts I strongly recommend you check out:

Sword & Scale (http://swordandscale.com)

Sword & Scale logoHosted by Mike Boudet, Sword & Scale is the true crime podcast that doesn’t shutter away from any subject. Often giving an eye opening look at criminal cases, supported by audio clips and interviews. If you enjoyed Serial and like true crime, this podcast should be number one on your playlist.

Jim Harold’s Campfire (http://jimharold.com/category/jim-harolds-campfire/)

campfire logoJim Harold has been bringing audiences the best in paranormal podcasts since 2005, and I’ve had the honour of interviewing him for my own podcast (see last on the list!). Of his many podcasts, I particularly enjoy Jim Harold’s Campfire, in which he gives listeners the opportunity to call in and tell their paranormal stories. It has everything from ghosts to aliens, and is well worth a listen!

Risk (http://risk-show.com)

risk logoNo matter your culture, age or background, a trait that all people have shared from the dawn of time is the art of story telling. Hosted by Kevin Allison, the Risk! podcast is taken from live shows where people tell stories they thought they’d never sure in public. It is one of a kind, and without a doubt one of the most engrossing podcasts available today.

Thinking Sideways Podcast (http://thinkingsidewayspodcast.com)

thinking sideways logoHosted by the trio Steve, Devin and Joe, Thinking Sideways Podcasts takes an in-depth look at unsolved mysteries. The trio gives a new perspective to the mysteries the investigate in each episode, and are thoroughly entertaining in the process.

The Generation Why Podcast (http://thegenerationwhypodcast.com)

generation why logoDuring each episode, hosts Justin and Aaron break down unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies, as well as anything that impacts our culture and attempt to look at the ‘why’ around each of them.

Ghost Stories The Podcast (http://ghost-stories.co.uk)

Of course, I couldn’t recommend a handful of podcasts without mentioning my own! Ghost Stories is the docu-tainment series which I personally produce, with season one having launched in August 2015.

Ghost Story Merch LogosThe Ghost Stories podcast brings listeners a new frightening short story, every fortnight. The catch, however, is some of the stories are fact and some are fiction, this is not to be revealed, but for listeners to decided based on their own evidence.

I’m currently in the process of creating season two of the podcast, so be sure to subscribe, check out season one and hopefully you’ll be hearing some new content come the back end of October!

So there it is, some of my top recommended podcasts. Be sure to let me know if you have any recommendations for me to check out, and I’ll be sure to have a look. Furthermore, if you are thinking of starting a podcast but don’t know where to start, get in touch (contact form on the right) and see if I can help you out!



*Podcast logos borrowed from their recommended sites – I hope this is ok, as it’s part of a recommendation – but if at all an issue please let me know and I would be happy to remove them.