Ghost Stories Productions is run by radio and audio producer Tyler Sox, working in conjunction with a number of freelance partners, depending on the requirements of each project.

Here are a few ‘quick glance’ bits about me:

Me in studioName: Tyler Sox

Base: East Midlands, England

Favourite Podcasts: Sword & Scale, Jim Harold’s Campfire, Risk!

My Podcast: Ghost Stories (get in touch if you want to contribute to the show!)

Favourite Radio Station: Talk Sport

Freelance Availability: Check out ‘Production Services‘ and get in touch, using the contact form on the right!


I’ve had a passion for radio and audio production for many years and having hosted shows at various hospital and community radio stations and created a number of podcasts. I made the decision to go back to university to work on a Masters in Audio and Radio Production – turning my hobby and passion into a career.

Currently, I have a particularly high focus on creating radio documentaries and the development of season two of my podcast, Ghost Stories.

If you wish to work with me, be sure to check out ‘Portfolio‘ and ‘Production Services‘ to see what I have to offer.