The Photos Don’t Always Have To Be Fit For Purpose

With the birth of my son happening early in January, the storage on the phones in my household have taken a heavy hit through the constant stream of baby photos that have been constantly taken. I thought this was a great opportunity to create an audio-visual slideshow that answers the question I am often asked: “do I need professional photos prepared for my slideshow?”…and to this I say, not at all!

Zach - good sideObviously there are situations where you would want to ensure your slideshow uses visual content that is bespoke and fit for purpose, such as when creating a brand video. However, if you want a video for an event, such as a wedding or a memorial, the content and story will often trump the actual quality of the imagery.

The below slideshow was created using many photos that were of a lower quality or taken in portrait, which doesn’t always translate into a landscape video. But, through the simple use of video transitions and effect, the viewer will rarely pick up on the small, unavoidable perfections within the original content. In fact, family and friends will often be so awed by the subject matter of a well constructed piece, that image quality and perspective will by of little difference to them (just ask my partner, who just loves seeing videos of her son sleeping!).

So, if you are thinking about getting an audio-visual slideshow created for your event, gathering or even just as a keep sake, don’t forget that the real quality comes from the story.

Check out my audio-visual creations menu (Events Audio & Visual Services Menu), and get in touch for a quote!


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