Launching A Podcast On Halloween

It’s been a busy few weeks, hence the the silence on the blog, which saw the launch of season two of my podcast ‘Ghost Stories’. I am very pleased to announce that the podcast launch was a resounding success, and it helped me learn a lot about marketing a podcast within iTunes!

Ghost Story Merch LogosIn terms of listens, as I write this the podcast has had over 200 plays. This may not seem a lot compared to well established podcasts – but when you consider previous episodes took around a month to achieve these numbers and the podcast is still in its infancy, I am very proud of its performance to date.

Given the theme of the podcast, launching season two on Halloween was a no-brainer. What better time to get a horror-fiction podcast on the radar of new potential listeners! This brings me to the first point – when launching a podcast have a think about themes in context of seasonality. For example, if you launching a gaming podcast, try and time its launch within weeks of a gaming conference that will see your potential audiences interest peak in the subject!

Another factor that I fully believe drove much of Ghost Stories season two launch success was its recent performance in iTunes. Highlights over Halloween weekend include:

  • Taking #1 ranking for the query ‘Ghost Stories’ in iTunes, overtaking Jim Harold’s Campfire and Real Ghost Stories Online – both well established podcasts!
  • Getting placed in iTunes ‘New & Noteworthy’ podcasts list within the ‘Featured’ section of the podcasting app
  • Moved into the top charts for ‘Society & Culture’ podcasts in iTunes (peaked at #124, currently #130)

I was particularly proud of that third achievement as the vast majority of podcasts in the top lists are supported huge brands such as BBC, Radiotopia and WNYC.

Now I’d be silly to give away exactly how I managed to get Ghost Stories pushed into these prominent positions within iTunes. However, I will give one piece of advice – if you launch a podcast remember to consider timing and how you will reach users to advertise your content. Once you get that initial following, the organic growth will follow!

It goes without saying, if you are interested in starting a podcast and don’t know where to start, get in touch. I offer a range of podcasting packages that can help you get started! You can download my service pdf here for more information – Business Audio & Visual Services Menu


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