A Day Of Achievements And Serious Results

When I woke up today, I never thought by that by 9pm I would have achieved as much as I had. In fact, I had planned on writing a blog on ‘audio video slideshows’, but abandoned it all together in favour of documenting this day!

Ghost Story Merch LogosFirst off, I’ve taken a huge step on my continued drive to build my ever growing podcast by finishing the first episode of season two of ‘Ghost Stories‘. Not only did I turn around the episode from concept to completed audio in just a week, but initial feedback has been amazing. Some quotes include:

  • “If that’s a real story I am never taking my kids to the park again”
  • “I wish you didn’t record that bit because it was horrible”

I just wanted to clarify, the second comment refers to how frighting the piece was and isn’t a reflection on the audio quality!

Secondly, I am firmly back on the wagon when it comes to fitness (I know this is a radio blog, but it’s also my personal blog so it’s worth mentioning!). I’ve been to my third training session of the week and played two football (or soccer to internationals…) games. I am also due to do my final circuit session of the week tomorrow morning – which hopefully means I am over my recent injuries for the foreseeable future!

But finally, the biggest result of the day was coming home after training to texts saying the final result for my MA in radio & audio production course was now available. I was nothing more than a bag of nerves mixed with optimism as I opened the word document with my results…

Handing in my final project!

Handing in my final project!

I needed 68% on this project to achieve a distinction overall. Given the majority of my marks have been above this so far, I was hoping it could be achieved, and I am pleased to announce that my final project received a staggering 78% – my highest grade all year!

Now this all ties in, because this final project was actually season one of ‘Ghost Stories’. The popularity of which has led to me creating a second season, and trying my hand at building a self sufficient audio brand.

Who would have thought on the day I completed the first episode of season two would be the day I find out season one saw me achieve a distinction in my MA? So, as one phase ends, another one begins – hopefully I’ll be able to announce many more achievements in this blog in the years to come.

Bob Dylan QuoteI feel like I need to end this on a quote of some sort, maybe Bob Dylan put it best saying: “A man is successful if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between; does what he wants to do” – maybe I am not too far off being there.


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